What is Drone-Engage ?

DroneEngage is a cloud-based software solution for managing drone operations that enables users to easily plan, execute, and oversee their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) activities. It offers a range of useful features, such as flight planning, mission management, data collection, and fleet management. DroneEngage is designed to provide a user-friendly and accessible experience, and is compatible with Mavlink-based vehicles. It is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries and applications.

Drone-Engage does a lot of every cool things, including:

  • A metered telemetry connection from your drone to a website and (optionally) forwarding telemetry to/from your ground station such as Mission Planner or QGroundControl.

  • Easy streaming of video and/or pictures from one or more cameras connected to the companion computer in the vehicle.

  • Ability to record video or pictures on the drone or on your computer via the web interface.

  • An easy to use web based ground control station interface that can be accessed via the internet from literally anywhere

  • Ability to manage a fleet of many drones using the same interface

  • An advanced geo-fencing capability that supersedes the flight controller

  • Synchronized missions - where multiple vehicles co-ordinate with each other

  • The ability to remotely fly your drone via the internet using a controller connected to your ground station

In a nutshell Drone-Engage is:

  • Ardupilot or PX4 companion software that runs on a companion computer in your Drone (Plane, Multi-Roter, Copter, Rover, Sub)

  • A website that can be used as a groundstation to control multiple drones

  • A drone camera streaming platform for your drone(s)

  • A remote controller that allows you to control your drone over the internet

To use Drone-Engage, you will need to meet the following basic requirements: a Raspberry Pi connected directly to your autopilot on the vehicle, a 4G or LTE internet connection via the Raspberry Pi, and a login or access code for Drone-Engage on ArduPilot Cloud (cloud.ardupilot.org). You may also choose to use one or more cameras directly connected to the Raspberry Pi, as well as an X-box controller connected to your PC, though these are optional.

Drone-Engage objective is to provide a Linux-based alternative for Andruav Android mobiles.

Now you can use Raspberry-pi boards to run Drone-Engage companion computer software and enjoy tiny size of RPI-Zero, and the multi-camera capabilities or RPI-4.

Drone-Engage on RPI-Zero connected to OBAL board.


Download Drone-Engage apps from here

Drone-Engage uses on-board Raspberry-Pi Zero connected to Ardupilot flight control board “FCB” to provide unlimited range telemetry and control.

Drone-Engage on RPI-Zero

This example is only 42 grams or 1.48 oz and is everything you need to take full control on your drone anywhere anytime.

If you want to make use of video streaming then you can use Raspberry-Pi Zero 2. It is only 52.2gm or 1.84oz. including camera and OTG cable. A Zero 2 or a MangoPI MQ-QUAD is enough for one camera, but if you want more than one camera you will need a more powerful PI.

Drone-Engage on RPI-Zero-2 with camera