Andruav SMS Reporting & Control

This feature utilizes the ability of mobile phone for sending andreceiving SMS and uses it to report drone status and location, and also for controling drone.

This feature is very useful when conntection is very slow, or drone has been lost and you rely on your ohine to send SMS of its location.

Andruav-SMS Preference

How to Use

  1. Open PReference Screen.

  2. Enable SMS Commands to enable controling drone using SMS.

  3. Enable SMS Info to enable drone to report its location via SMS.

  4. SMS to Mobile No. uses to report information when there is an emergency if SMS Info is enabled.

So if you enable SMS Commands you can send commands from any mobile. The mobile will also get location info if SMS Info is enabled. A default mobile is used for eporting location when emergrncy.

SMS Commands

ATT:RTL Activates RTL Mode.

ATT:LAND Activates Land Mode.

ATT:LOC Sends back location information from board or from mobile GPS.