Andruav Getting Started

First you need to have at least an Android mobile that will be mounted on drone. A second mobile can be used as a ground station or you can use WebClient which is recommended for better monitoring and control.

You also need to create an account and get accesscode. The accesscode will be used to link vehicles and GCS either on mobile or on web.

The first time you register in Andruav, you should set Andruav in GCS mode. Then it will go to registration screen where you can enter your email and press Register. An access code will be created and placed in the accesscode box. Also it will be sent to you via email -it might appears in the spam section-.

You can also use Account Manager page to create a new account.

Please check this video for better understanding

This is another video shows how to register from web.

Successful registration will create an access code that should be sent to your email. It also can be accessed from Andruav app.

In order to link other mobiles you need to only enter this access-code. In WebClient you need to enter using email and access-code.


Sharing your access code with other persons will allow them to join their devices on you Andruav account. This is useful when you want your friend enter as a GCS and share with you your flight.