Drone Engage FAQ

  1. I Do Not Understand Many Terminologies in This Site.

    Please access Drone-Engage Glossary page.

  2. I Cannot Get my Access Code.

    Sometimes the Access Code is filtered out in spam folder. Please check it.

  3. How Many Drones and GCS Can be connected simultanously ?

    Theoretically unlimited. It depends on your network quality and type of data you transfer, it also depends on your Drone GSM-Modem.

  4. What is Web-Plugin

    Web Plugin is a small appplication that can run on Windows or Ubuntu. It allows you to connect Drone-Engage WebClient to Mission Planner, QGround Control or any GCS. You can use Telemetry directly from Web. Please check Web Plugin for more details.

  5. Smart Telemetry Levels

    Smart Telemetry is a feature in Drone-Engage that enables it to use less bandwidth when sending telemetry data. This is useful for your data subscription package. It enables you to get good performance with slower networks. Different levels means lesser packets being sent and some non important packets are being almost filtered. The high the level the less the bandwidth and connection speed required as well as the less screen update on GCS.