Andruav GCS Telemetry

Andruav Mobile App in GCS mode can stream telemetry data. The following video shows how easy it can be done.

Open Andruav GCS Mobile and connect online. Goto FCB screen. Once your GCS detects an active drone it will be listed is in image below

FCB Screen for GCS Mobile

Multiple drones can be found in this list if there are multiple active drones online. Select only one at a time to stream telemetry data to GCS applications such as Mission Planner.

FCB Screen for GCS Mobile


Andruav GCS telemetry uses TCP connection, while webclient-webplugin uses UDP connection. You need to be careful when you select the connection in your GCS App such as Mission Planner and QGroundControl.

The next video shows two mobiles the first is Andruav Drone mobile that is connected to a Rover using Bluetooth-to-USB, and the second is Andruav Mobilein GCS mode. The latter acts as a telemetry for Tower App .


Tower App is not active, others GCS apps are available on mobile such as Android QGrounControl.