Drone-Engage Glossary


This is referred to Ground Control Station. GCS can applications such as Mission Planner and QGroundControl.


Andruav-App is an Android-based companion computer system. Drone-Engage is the next version and the linux-based alternative of it. Still Andruav_AP is an active system and super flexible for those who have mobiles to mount on drones.


Flight Control Board; This is PixHawk or simillar boards that run Ardupilot firmware.

Access Code (Password)

Access Code is a password generated by the system, that is used with your email account to authenticate your device on Andruav Server. Sharing your access code with other persons will allow them to join their devices on you Andruav account. This is useful when you want your friend enter as a GCS and share with you your flight. Now WebClient is calling it password as it is more intuitive.


The JSON syntax is derived from JavaScript object notation syntax, but the JSON format is text only.

Comm Module

A Drone Engage main module that communicates to server over Internet and manage communication with other modules such as the Mavlink Module.

This module communicates with flying board FCB directly via serial port or udp.