Software Installation

Installing the system is fairly straight forward. You need to start with a Raspberry-PI board that is up and running with ssh connection. Different versions of software can be found here

If you will connect a camera you need the “Video” package. If you are running 64 bit Bullseye - download this version , otherwise use the latest legacy version.


Make sure you have a Raspberry-PI board with Raspberry PI OS Lite (Legacy) installed on it. This is important to have access to camera if you choose to run Camera Module. In case of using Bullseye-64 then enable Legacy Camera using raspi-config.


If you are running Bullseye, use raspi-config to enable “Legacy Camera support”.

Open Drone-Engage WebSite and select “Download Application” .

Download the appropriate binary for your board and version.

Copy files to your home folder in the board.

Copy downloaded file to your raspberry using the following command:

scp ./(the name of the file you downloaded).zip  pi@raspberry_pi_ip_address:.

login to your raspberry-pi board using the following commands:

ssh pi@raspberry_pi_ip_address


Now you can download the files directly into Raspberry-PI using from here .

Unzip your file. It will extract a folder and a file script.

chmod +x ./

Now you need to start the installation process.


The above command will extract folder drone_engage that contains two applications. de_comm that is responsible for communicating with Drone Engage server via Internet, and de_mavlink that is responsible for communicating with your flight controller “FC” board. It will also ensure that these applications will be autorun so whenever you power up the board these applications will start.

Configuring Apps

You need to edit two text files to register simple information required to run apps properly. You do not need to go through all settings right now.

Update your account in file ./drone_engage/de_comm/config.module.json you need to enter your email & Access Code. You may also name your vehicle.

nano ./drone_engage/de_comm/config.module.json

Update your connection to Flight Controller in file ./drone_engage/de_mavlink/config.module.json. You can choose a UDP connection to your board if you are using a Linux FCB such as OBAL or you can use serial connection using TX&RX pins.

for more information about this file de_comm config.module.json Configuration File

nano ./drone_engage/de_mavlink/config.module.json

for more information about this file de_mavlink Configuration File